Tom Hom ― Rabbit on a Bumpy Road - a Story of Courage and Endurance
Tom Hom ― Rabbit on a Bumpy Road - a Story of Courage and Endurance
  • ISBN13:9781941384114
  • 出版社:Sunbelt Pubns
  • 作者:Tom Hom
  • 裝訂/頁數:平裝/392頁
  • 出版日:2015/04/01
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  • RABBIT ON A BUMPY ROAD is Tom Hom's memoir—a story of courage and endurance in meeting life's challenges to achieve “The American Dream.” Tom was born into a Chinese family in the year of the Rabbit in the 1920's when much of American society was segregated, socially and economically. He entered school in San Diego, like other children who lived in Chinatown, speaking only Chinese. As he grew older, he faced limited job opportunities and discrimination in housing. He never lost faith in the American dream and went on to achieve success for himself, his family, and the greater good of a diverse America, breaking age-old barriers of prejudice and segregation. Today, Tom Hom is a respected elder who has contributed to the success and growth of San Diego and has inspired a new generation of Americans to greater achievement in economic growth and civic responsibilities. His journey and words of wisdom offer encouragement to all who believe in the future of America.
  • TOM HOM is a pioneer who in 1963 made San Diego history by becoming the first minority ever elected to the San Diego City Council. Later, this Chinese-American won a seat to the California State Assembly. Among his many contributions, he helped transform San Diego's skid row into the vibrant Gaslamp Quarter Historic District and led efforts to establish the San Diego Chinese Historical Museum. Today, Tom continues to be an influential civic, business and community leader, and an inspiration to every generation.

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