Charlie Girl Hits Hollywood ― An L.a. Only Adventure
Charlie Girl Hits Hollywood ― An L.a. Only Adventure
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  • The third book in this delightful series takes Charlie Girl and her canine pals to Hollywood for an adventure of a life time. With their home base at the famous hotel, Chateau Marmont, they want for nothing. Enjoy everything L.A. has to offer through through these funny canines, from surfing in Malibu, rollerblading in Venice Beach, finding Lassies star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, meeting "Brad Pittbull", "Jamie Foxxhound", "Cybil Shephard" and the great Hollywood mogul, "Harvey Weimeranar-stein". This spoof on L.A. is a fun read for children of all ages, and still as with all Charlie Girl books, leaves you with a warm feeling about love and home. Charlie Girl LLC is partnered with the ASPCA. $1 is donated for every copy sold. Know that when you purchase a Charlie Girl book, you are partnering with Charlie Girl to help our animals.
  • Elizabeth Frogel is a former interior designer and the founder of CenturyMomNYC, a successful New York City–based fashion consignment business. She is the author ofCharlie Girl: Her Very Happy Life in the Town She Calls Home, New York City! andCharlie Girl: A Story of Love and Instinct. Don Kossar is the owner of Don Kossar Interiors, an interior design firm, and a member of the American Society of Interior Designers. He is the illustrator ofCharlie Girl: A Story of Love and Instinct. They both live in New York City.

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