Journey Toward the Forever
Journey Toward the Forever
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  • Ethan stands before the Beast, receiving his orders to once again infiltrate Daniel Bryant’s family of orphans. All of the remaining “outside humans” have to be located and captured because time is short and food supplies are low. The adult males are needed to impregnate the females of child-bearing age already in captivity. The rest of the “inside humans” can be used as feeders to nourish the Beast, but he must be careful not to drain them of their life source too soon or they could die before he is able to replenish the blood supply. The Beast has only nine searchers and 537 earth days to accomplish his mission or he will perish. Will Ethan’s changed appearance fool Daniel and the others long enough to return them to the Beast and avoid a painful, torturous death? The survival of both species -- man and Beast — is at stake. Run and hide, seek and destroy...who will win this life and death struggle for survival?

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