Translation and Global Asia:Relocating Networks of Cultural Production
Translation and Global Asia:Relocating Networks of Cultural Production
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  • The present volume originates from “The Fourth Asian Translation Traditions Conference” held in Hong Kong in December 2010. The conference generated stimulating discussions relating to the richness and diversity of non-Western discourses and practices of translation, focusing on translational exchanges between non-Western languages, and the change and continuity in Asian translation traditions. Translation and Global Asia shows a rich diversification of historical and geographical interests, and covers a broad array of topics, ranging from ninth-century Buddhist translation in Tibet to twenty-first-century political translation in Malaysia.
  • Uganda Sze-pui Kwan is Assistant Professor in the Division of Chinese, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

    Lawrence Wang-chi Wong is Professor of Humanities at the Department of Translation, and Director of the Research Centre for Translation, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.