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  • Mick, an English backpacker, heads to the north of Australia for sun, women, and a shot at making a fortune working the shrimp trawlers. While looking for adventure, Mick hitches a ride with the enigmatic Dan who leads him into more trouble and depravity than even the most reckless traveler could stomach. As the pair speed through the apocalyptic landscape?in a spiral of escalating violence?Dan reveals the world as seen through his eyes, and Mick’s true nature is exposed. A game of psychological cat-and-mouse, this is the gripping tale of two men?one struggling to become the definition of a ?man,” and the other plotting to make his cruelest intentions a reality.

  • Stephen Sewell is the author of the novelization of Animal Kingdom, the screenwriter of the multi-award winning film The Boys, and the script editor on the film Chopper.

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