Room for One More
Room for One More
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  • "Room for One More is more than an ordinary picturebook—it has small paper flaps that children can lift, creating a simple memory game...Delightful color illustrations add to a whimsical story ideal for parents and children to share at storytime or bedtime."—Children's Bookwatch

    "Kids are going to love this one, I can almost guarantee!...Good for a small group read aloud."—A Patchwork of Books

    "The is bound to delight a young child."—Bookviews

    A charming story of gentle compassion as a family outing takes a surprising turn! First the family finds a lost frog and decides to take him home. Before the day is over, they find a kitten, a canary, a hungry mouse, and a puppy. There is always room for one more—until they are almost home and find a lost elephant! Lift-the-flaps add fun to this youngest child memory game and story.

    Mathew Price was born in the west of England. He spent five years at London University and then five years in a bookstore. He was a children’s publisher before launching as a packager in 1983 and as a publisher in 1998. He is married to a Hawaiian American and has two children. He has written many books for young people.

    Ian P. Benfold Haywood studied fine art at the Nottingham School of Art and Design and illustration at the North Wales School of Art and Design. He has been a community artist and an art teacher and has illustrated a number of children’s books, including Linda Newbery’s Catcall (Orion), which won a silver medal in the Nestle/Booktrust awards.

  • Mathew Price was a children's bookseller before launching as a packager in 1983 and as a publisher in 1998. He is the author of many acclaimed books for young people.

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