Best Poems on the Underground
Best Poems on the Underground
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  • Forget the literary canon?here is the canon of human life


    As a journey of literary discovery?one can turn the pages and find limericks, great works of romantic poetry, ancient Gallic texts, and Spike Milligan nesting alongside Dylan Thomas?this much traveled collection of exceptional poetry has no equal. With content drawn from the now familiar poem posters that first appeared in London's tube and underground trains in 1986, the poems in this anthology are poignantly reminiscent of the ideal behind the movement?why not convert the empty advertising space above the passenger's heads into a simple celebration of the poetry that has underscored English literature for a thousand years or more? The poems soon caught the public's imagination. Here on the trains there was at last something different, words to soothe, inspire, move, charm, surprise, arouse, even occasionally to shock, but never to sell. This anthology brings together the best of them all in a single accessible?volume.

  • Gerard Benson is a writer, teacher, and performer, and a member of the Barrow Poets. He has several anthologies to his name and spent a year as Poet-in-Residence at the Wordsworth Trust. Judith Chernaik is an American academic who has lectured at?American, British,?and European universities. Cicely Herbert is also a member of the Barrow Poets and has written several performance pieces with music by Jim Parker.

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