Natural Cat Care
Natural Cat Care
  • ISBN13:9781607100973
  • 出版社:Thunder Bay Pr
  • 作者:Christopher Day
  • 裝訂:平裝
  • 規格:24.1cm*17.1cm*1.3cm (高/寬/厚)
  • 出版日:2011/01/30
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  • 優惠價: 9313
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  • There's a natural revolution going on--acupuncture, massage, herbs, and aromatherapy have gone mainstream. Not just for people, but for their pets, too! In his timely new book, holistic veterinarian Christopher Day offers expert advice for caring for cats the natural way. * Learn how to keep your cat purr-fectly content with Natural Cat Care, a friendly, helpful guide to holistic methods of cat care. * Find out how to care for your cat naturally! This book covers daily care (diet and exercise), nutrition, vaccinations and dental care, pest prevention (fleas, ticks and worms), and specialized holistic care (acupuncture, massage, homeopathy, and the Tellington Touch). * Natural Cat Care is written by Dr. Christopher Day, a holistic vet with more than thirty-seven years of experience. * Filled with more than 120 helpful and instructive full-color photographs of cats in all stages of life, this helpful guide offers a complete resource for cat owners who would prefer to take a natural approach in pet care. * Meow-velous sales potential! Natural Cat Care combines two very popular areas of interest, both of which are growing tremendously: holistic health and pet care.
  • Christopher Day is founder of the Alternative Veterinary Medicine Center. He is a holistic vet with over 37 years experience in practice. Christopher specializes in natural therapies including herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture and ultrasound, together with natural nutritional advice. He has written 13 pet care books.

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