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  • Meetings are often viewed as pointless exercises in which little is actually accomplished, perhaps because the perspectives of everyone involved don't get articulated or not everyone involved in the meeting is engaged. Craig and Patricia Neal (Conscious Business Alliance) find that often the missing element is authentic engagement. Here they provide a rubrick for successful meetings centered around a nine-step "Convening Wheel." Roll your way to authentic engagement with this book intended for those who wish to maximize their meeting potential. Annotation c2011 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (
  • Craig Neal is a passionate change leader, publishing executive, organizational executive, and guide. From the 70s to the 90s Craig held executive positions with Garden Way, Inc, Rodale Publishing, and as Associate Publisher, launched Harrowsmith and Eating Well magazines. He’s the founder and former publisher of the Utne Reader.

    Patricia Neal is co-founder and President of Heartland Inc. Patricia’s focus is inspiring Heartland’s growth through program development and execution. Under her guidance, Heartland’s signature programs have grown to include: Thought Leader Gatherings, The Art of Convening Trainings, VisionHolder Interview Series, When Women Lead: The Inner Voice of Women’s Leadership Retreat, Men’s Wilderness Journey Retreat, and consulting and coaching programs. All Heartland programs are dedicated to community leaders committed to taking their visions into action.

    Cynthia Wold is a writer, artist, and internet marketer and designer. Cynthia started her own website design and consulting business in 2000 assisting high value organizations and non-profits better communicate their value propositions. She joined Heartland Inc. in 2007 as its Web Chief.


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