Women Lead the Way: Your Guide to Stepping Up to Leadership and Changing the World
Women Lead the Way: Your Guide to Stepping Up to Leadership and Changing the World
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  • •    Offers practical steps for women to bring their passion, brains, and background to the power tables and make life better for themselves, their company or organization and global society.
    •    Combines compelling research, international experience, and fascinating personal stories with solid advice
    •    Tarr-Whelan has extensive background as a business woman, a government official, a non-profit leader, and a nurse

    A few “first women” are making key decisions in high places but a few is not enough to have a significant impact. Changing what gets decided takes changing who makes the decisions. But with just 17% of Congressional seats and 14% of Fortune 500 board seats held by women, the leaders defining priorities and solutions continue to look and act much the same as generations ago.  

    Linda Tarr-Whelan marshals eye-opening facts and figures to decisively dispel the myths that still hold women back and shows women how to build their confidence and skills to pioneer a distinctive approach to leadership, one that emphasizes collaboration, communication and consensus. The proven tipping point, surprisingly, is just 30%--when women’s representation at the top reaches 30%, real change starts to happen. Drawing on her extraordinarily diverse background as a consultant, organizer, and diplomat, Tarr-Whelan offers a women-led strategy for change and a complete set of practical road-tested tools readers can use to become powerful partners in creating a better future in a rapidly changing world. 

    Closing the leadership gap is a win for everyone—it brings in new ideas, creates a more balanced and productive work environment, a revitalized social compact and demonstrable positive effects on the bottom line in business and government.  Women Lead the Way artfully combines advocacy, research, and tactical guidance to help readers wedge the door open and bring more women through and up.

  • Linda Tarr-Whelan is a premier expert on women’s leadership in this country and internationally.  She is a distinguished senior fellow of the national think tank Demos, is cofounder and managing director of the consulting firm Tarr-Whelan and Associates, and serves as chair of the National Advisory Council for the Pax World Women’s Equity Fund.

    Linda served as ambassador to the UN Commission on the Status of Women in the Clinton administration and as deputy assistant for women’s concerns to President Jimmy Carter in the Carter White House. As CEO of the Center for Policy Alternatives, the leading progressive policy and leadership center for the fifty states, she focused on women and the economy. Ladie’s Home Journal named her as one of the fifty most powerful women in Washington. She has also been a union organizer and negotiator, was lead lobbyist for the two-million member National Education Association, and is a fellow of the American Academy of Nursing.
    Foreword by Marie Wilson

    Introduction: More Women Leaders, Better Leadership

    Part One: Women Lead the Way
    Chapter 1: The 30% Solution
    Chapter 2: Modern Myths and Stereotypes
    Chapter 3: The Everywoman Quiz
    Chapter 4: Breaking Out of the Box
    Chapter 5: Today's Transformational Leader

    Part Two: Stepping up to Leadership
    Chapter 6: Starting Right Here, Right Now
    Chapter 7: Making Women's Power Visible
    Chapter 8: Lifting as We Climb
    Chapter 9: Wedging the Door Open
    Chapter 10: Together, We Rise

    Conclusion: Dreaming Bigger Dreams

    About the Author


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