Pretty Princess
Pretty Princess
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  • Now every little princess can get ready for her party in style with this innovative new novelty book!

    Pretty Princess is perfect for every little princess. Shaped like a miniature vanity table, this book has a giant mirror adorned with jeweled faux lights and punch-out foam pieces shaped like jewelry and make-up. After setting the book down, little girls can open it up just like a real vanity table and use the punch-out pieces to follow along as the young princess brushes her hair, applies lip gloss, and gets ready for her royal party!


  • Lily Karr has written many books for children, including SPOOKY BOO! A HALLOWEEN ADVENTURE and TEN LITTLE EASTER EGGS. She lives in New York City.

    Erica-Jane Waters is an artist who has illustrated several children's picture books. She lives in the United Kingdom, but you can visit her at